What would make me sue my gynecologist for battery, emotional distress, and medical malpractice? If I found out that the man who has been treating my most intimate health issues was my father, there is a huge likelihood that I would be pressing some kind of charges. The thought of my dad, or any of my family members, knowing the intimate details of my vaginal canal is horrifying.

Now you may be thinking, “Where did that come from?” or “Of course, you don’t want your dad looking in there.” So imagine how floored when Morgan Hellquist found out the doctor who was treating her for several years was actually her sperm donor/biological father! If you’re unfamiliar with this story, Morgan had been seeing this gynecologist as a recommendation from her mother, who was also a patient. Morgan’s mom sought the services of an IVF doctor and was informed that she would be inseminated with a medical student’s sperm.
After Morgan had some health issues and began to seek out her biological father’s identity, she found that the same doctor treating her was also her DAD. This doctor knew he was her biological father and that Morgan was his daughter, and he still saw her. Creepy dad went so far as to have his wife come into the exam room and confirm they look alike.
Morgan was pissed. So much so that she filed a lawsuit for medical malpractice, lack of informed consent, battery, fraud, negligence, and emotional distress. Miss Morgan also found out that the doc did this at least 6 other times.

Let’s talk about the fact that the doctor lied to the momma. They thought they were getting the sperm from a European medical student, and instead, they got the older Jewish doctor as the donor. Then he was all up in Morgan’s private parts with the knowledge he was her father and may have the answers to her genetic questions. Morgan is well within her right to sue. I know I would. I am not well versed in the law, so I don’t know the grounds for battery, but I damn sure would sue for emotional distress. I was distressed just reading this article. When we go to the doctor, we trust that they will be honest, ethical, and transparent. Not only is he foul for lying to her mom, but he was also mega foul for continuing to betray her trust. And the kicker is we don’t know how many patients have the same story. 

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