A Scary Good Tiempo (Time)

Fall is here, and sadly October is almost finished. As one of the funnest months of the year in the United States, with aromas of pumpkin spice and neighborhood Halloween parties everywhere. Death in most western cultures death is considered negative and frightening and is a topic that most don’t like to think about and avoid as much as possible. However in your next-door neighbor Mexico ,a great time is being had for this reason. Dia de los Muertos – The Day of the Dead. Even still now a days the celebration day of the dead has been spreading out and being popular outside of Mexico.

Tradicion (Tradition)

In Mexico, we have preserved these traditions and ideas that have been in this land since the times of the Aztecs. The Aztecs considered death to be a journey to get to the Mictlan, the place of the eternal rest. According to their ancient mythology, when someone died, they had to go through a journey of nine levels to arrive at Mictlán. The process, which lasted for four years, was full of obstacles. In this way, rather than being a punishment for sin, death was a way of purification. The objective was to arrive at the underworld, with Mictlantecuhtli and Mictecacihuatl, the gods of death and achieve eternal rest.

Dia de los Muertos | PBS

After the Spanish conquered Mexico, the tradition got adapted and has evolved and preserved for generations . Many are unaware that the Holiday is actually two days. November 1st & 2nd. The first day dedicated to children and babies. The second day is dedicated to senior family members and loved ones. So the rustle of dry leaves on the trees and slight chill in the air are a reminder  that we are in Dia de los Muertos season! The season to remember that those who loved us , never leave us and will continue with us forever in our hearts and memories.

But I saw it in a Movie

During the last few years movies have popularized these festivities as well. Movies like  ‘James Bond 007’ showing big skull parades in Mexico city, in which Bond made a great escape disguised as a Calvera. Fun Fact – this “historical” parade didn´t exist in Mexico until 2016, inspired by the Bond scene and even using the original props from the movie. Now it has became an annual show  full of  tradition and creativity, loved by foreigners, tourist and local people alike ( Talk about Life imitating art!!).

There is also the release of the Disney movie Coco in 2017. It might be a movie for children but if you ever had a heart and loved someone in your family, it definitely makes you throw a tear out. This one is the first Disney movies that places a story about Mexico and of course they pick the Day of the Dead as the center of this emotional story about family, traditions and music. 

Bienvenidas (Welcome)

So we still offer our hospitality and welcome for those souls that once a year, have been allowed to return home. To again accompany our loved ones and enjoy them. All the flavors that made them happy in life. That is why you see mountains full of delicious candies and traditional foods. The tradition says that, “the souls take with them the aromas of the food that is offered with so much love.” Arrays of candles and flowers on tables with candy skulls. Some skulls are decorated with colors or with the names of the people to whom their dedicated. We add photographs or objects that remind us of our loved ones.

San Antonio's Día de los Muertos altars reveal the beauty of life | TPR
San Antonio's Día de los Muertos altars reveal the beauty of life | TPR
How to Build a Día de los Muertos Altar – Texas Monthly
All the Places Houstonians Can Go To Celebrate Dia De Los Muertos |  Houstonia Magazine

Its a day of commemoration made from the heart.Offering the best that we have, remembering the best that they gave us. The best moments of happiness. And yeah sometimes it make us shed some tears of missing them, but at the same time preserving the best. As well as celebrating the life of those who are still here, following the path they helped us forge.

Recuerda ( Remember )

So this year, after having a lot of fun on Halloween night, take a moment to remember someone you miss dearly. Remember that person with the good times you shared with, and the things they liked to do. Use a photograph, with their favorite food or drink. Maybe it might be some flowers with a candle, you can dedicate the light to accompany the long journey. Or if you are up to it you can visit the cemetery.

Día de muertos: de la celebración tradicional al duelo en pandemia
Qué contiene una ofrenda de Día de Muertos? | Tec Review

Feel free to let your feelings come out, because these days are about feeling the vibe and the love of that person. Embrace their soul with all the love of your heart. Remember that infinite love is the one that will never let us forget those we love.

From Mexico I wish you a Happy Halloween and Day of Death commemoration.  Ms. La Mexa <3

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