It is a brand new month that we have entered into. March the month of Ghana’s independence is so important to the people of Ghana. A month to remember the toil and bloodshed of our fathers for our freedom from colonial rule. “Ghana Month” has been established to showcase Ghanaian heritage and culture.

In The Beginning…

Telling the story of struggle as a country under British Rule and the toil of the forefathers who fought for freedom setting an example for all of Africa. Ghana was a home to different ancient tribes who settled in areas that had an abundance of natural resources, including gold and ivory. These commodities brought an attention to The Portuguese and lured them to come to the shores of Ghana. The attraction of the local riches led to a struggle for control between many European nations when the British took control over parts of the country in 1874, and Ghana was name Gold Coast since it had abundant of Gold.The British’s power over its colonies began to weaken after World War II. Pan-African nationalism further encouraged the fight for freedom.

Over time, different local politicians took up the struggle. The United Gold Coast Convention (U.G.C.C.) founded by J. B. Danquah, called for “self-government within the shortest possible time” following the Gold Coast legislative elections as well as Dr. Kwame Nkrumah, the former Secretary-General of the UGCC formed his own Party, “Convention People’s Party” which called for a ‘Self Government Now” and won majority in the legislative election in 1951. He was appointed the leader of the Gold Coast government in 1952, and Which He declared Gold Coast’s independence from the British on March 6, 1957 as well as establish a new Nation Called “Ghana”. Nkrumah went on to become the first Prime Minister of Ghana, and Ghana became the first sub-Saharan African country to gain independence from colonial powers. Ghana became the first Sub-Saharan African country to gain its independence from the British in 1957 . Leading the charge for freedom in other African countries.

6th of March

Ghana National Day was set aside to honor and celebrate the heroes who led the country to attain its independence. The country commemorates the historic event every as a National holiday including fireworks, parades, marches, cultural events and festivals, honoring Ghana’s national heroes, and commemorating key moments in Ghanaian history and a month-long celebration of Ghanaian culture and heritage where we showcase and reflect on Ghana’s rich cultural heritage, as well as its impressive progress since independence in 1957. If 6th March of a year fell on a weekend of the Independence Day celebration, the working day that follows which is a Monday will be granted and observed as a holiday by the whole nation.Many can still remember the First Prime Minister, Kwame Nkrumah’s powerful speech on Ghanian freedom in Accra, as the British flag was lowered and the new Ghanaian flag took its place. Many prominent people which includes, Presidents, vice presidents, Ambassadors, etc from other African countries and Europe have been invited to Ghana to join in the celebration either as Speakers or Guests since the time of Dr. Kwame Nkrumah till now.

There is an Independence Day parade at Black Star Square, also known as Independence Square, in the capital city, Accra every 6th of March. However, For the past five years, the celebration has also been in different cities which includes, Tamale,Kumasi and Cape Coast . The Independence Square is still the known celebration destination irrespective of where the parade is held. Every Independence Day celebration has a theme, which projects the vision for the Upcoming year. Also there are usually a collection of national and local programs to mark and celebrate the day. This can include cleaning campaigns, memorials, sports contests, prayer sessions organized by religious organizations and parades in school parks and stadiums.

Ghanaian Pride

It is very common to see citizens waving the Ghanaian flag during independence celebrations which symbolizes the country’s struggle for freedom.Also, it is a good time to chill, take a break, enjoy delicious food, Partake in the local festivities, partake in communal labor and relax with family and friends.Independence gave the people of Ghana the right to determine their own destiny and true identity. It also afforded Ghanaians the opportunity to participate in international activities and control the resources of our country as well as provide the opportunity for young people to become leaders.

The Month of March especially on the 6th is so important to the people of Ghana because of the Liberation From Colonial Rule and the beginning of freedom for the continent. Happy Ghana Month!!

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