Did you know that you are not an African American and definitely not a Black person? Did you know you are actually a sovereign citizen of Morocco and are not obliged to follow the laws of the US (drivers license,birth certificate, paying taxes) because of an 18th Century Treaty with Morocco? Did you know that You (American descendent of Slaves) are a native of this land and your ancestors were never actually enslaved and ‘slavery’ is a big conspiracy and never really happened (where are all the boats?!). Did you know that Google and Amazon are splitting their stocks this summer and that could create one of the biggest transfers of wealth ever? Literally making new millionaires and billionaires in a matter of days or even hours!

We all know the sight of the Ol’ white guy with his tinfoil hat talking about aliens or Qanon insanity. However, many of the people who share my hue and relative geographical location of birth (I will try not to use the words ‘country’ , ‘black’ , or anything to that effect because I don’t want anyone caught up in if we A.A. or Black or Humans) know of only 2 of those three tidbits of information. And an even smaller minority but unfortunately sizable, believe that 2 of these 3  and ONLY 2 of the 3 ‘jewels’ are beneficial in this day and age.


Short answer:

Because it’s easier to believe in magic paperwork and grand conspiracies than it is to learn a system well enough to flourish in a system (especially if it wasn’t built for you,but rather on and excluding you.)

Long Answer: 

John Cook, PhD, founder of the website Skeptical Science and co-author of “The Conspiracy Theory Handbook“. Says ”When people feel threatened and out of control, it’s natural to want to feel more control and bring order to the randomness by resorting to conspiracy theories,”.Recent studies have found that members of ethnic minority groups facing discrimination by a majority group are more susceptible to conspiracies: “Feelings of deprivation lead marginalized minority members to perceive the social and political system as rigged, stimulating belief in both identity‐relevant and irrelevant conspiracy theories.”

What better way to escape the ills of being in a hostile land then to create grandiose tales of ‘Big Head Scientists’, ‘Sovereign Citizenship’, ’White Slaves’ and even wilder stories. In order to falsely inflate the egos of the marginalized, we have excepted these things as self evident.

“Of course the reason my family and I are broke is because we haven’t filed our paperwork and freed ourselves from the bondage of being ‘Black’ and received our birthrights. Or learned the language of The Anunnaki in order to call upon the higher realms.”(True claims ya’ll)

Anything but that there is financial, social, ethical or moral information that you have not been made privy to, that has kept you from flourishing fully. It’s not very complicated to understand but can be extremely difficult to overcome for generations, let alone one person. Also I’m sure the government doesn”t mind US constantly falling down these rabbit holes. Rather have the underlings chasing shadows then attainable people affecting strategies. Seriously think about it. If you had dominated a people for 400+ years and now had to deal with them ‘equally’, would you rather have them studying the ways of tried and true strategies of ‘get back’ ( wealth creation,education,self improvement, family investment) or cockamamie stories of ‘chopped cherry trees’, bloodlines, nationalities and big head scientist? (I know I’m dragging it, but the Big head scientists one really gets me every time)

Solutions : I don’t know if I have any that can raise our people from their current state of being (I know some people who do, though). However, I do know that  Google and Amazon are about to split their stocks this summer (Amazon 20 to 1!!), and that can be an opportunity to get some of what you are owed financially. As for the rest? Keep coming back to this website. Maybe we can help with that as well? I told ya’ll I know some people who think they got some answers. Peace.

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