What can I say about She Hulk Attorney at Law? I love this show! Enjoy it thoroughly every time I tune in. It’s a ‘new’ character, with a new spin. Nevertheless, I understand why people don’t like this show ( I swear I do!! ). However, let me resolve our differences with this article….. Hopefully ( maybe? )

It’s not very “comic booky”!

SHE HULK is very much a situational comedy that happens to have a Marvel character in it…. And I love it for it. Sorry/not sorry.

Lil backstory. When I first heard about the premise of Wandvision being based around sitcoms I sighed and face palmed. But winded up loving the show, and really appreciating the character (until all that was thrown to the side by Dr. Strange 2 but I digress), and look forward to more from Wanda/Scarlet Witch

I love “traditional” comic book shows/movies! I remember watching the old black and white Superman shows, Batman with the ‘Bang and Pow’, and one of my favorite shows was the Incredible Hulk TV show with Lou Ferrigno. News flash, that show was boring as hell and you only got to see The Hulk maybe twice a show. But it was worth it and I tuned in every episode.

This time around when I heard situational comedy, I didn’t cringe. I was intrigued ( ok maybe not intrigued, but I wasn’t turned off). And this is a funny show. Which is fresh air for comic book shows or sitcoms, whichever you prefer. I was getting bored with Marvel trying to go all ‘artsy farsty’ lately ( Though I enjoyed Moon Knight ) and it’s a nice break away from the ‘super cereal’ DC shows I like to watch ( Titans, Alfred ) or the ultra violent ‘The Boys’ flare.

I will say this – It was a little ‘ho hummy’ how she got her powers. But to be honest it’s better than how Marvel showed us how Nick Fury got his scar – If that didn’t get ‘Face Palm of the Year Award’?! Also her – ‘Hero Montage’ could have had a little more of a struggle, but I think they moved fast through that so that the show purposefully didn’t get too ‘comic booky’.

I HATE comic book shows!!

This show even works for people who aren’t fans of the superhero genre. Because it’s a comedy first. It never takes itself seriously, sometimes even making fun of itself in real time. She Hulk’s constant 4th wall breaking ( in the vain of Deadpool – however it’s not a rip-off of Deadpool because She Hulk does this in her comics as well.) to point out stupid things that just happened, pointing out holes in the plot, or even plot leaks ( episode 8 dropped a bomb in a 4th wall break – I’m very excited for! ). And it’s usually unexpected and funny.


The show does set up some later ‘Phase’ situations and characters. For instance the character ‘Luke Jacobson’ allows for a very interesting and different way of introducing and teasing characters. All those who have seen this show ( love or hate) definitely will be checking for ‘easter eggs’ whenever this character is on screen.

C.G. Aye Caramba

It's terrible that they feel rushed and overworked': She-Hulk Star and Crew  Lend Support To VFX Artists Amidst Toxic Workplace Conditions At Marvel  Studios - FandomWire

Now when it comes to She Hulk on Disney+, like many of the Disney+ exclusive Marvel shows it has its own style and flair. As we’ll as a waaaaaaay smaller budget. Now I will say that the CGI is not the best (not bad, but just below good). C’mon I didn’t expect movie quality, but it can sometimes take you out of the show. With that said, other than the CGI the show is quality.

Get it Gurl!

I’ve seen many on the Internet complain about the “feminism” in the show. As a straight black guy, it hasn’t bothered me. Did I expect some ‘girl power’ moments? It’s a show about a FEMALE LAWYER WITH SUPER POWERS IN 2022. If you thought it was going to ooze machismo I really think you need to change your strand fam cause it’s too strong. The “you go girl!” moments make sense and are realistic. Not over done, and I never felt preached to. I tune in each week, laugh for 30 mins and keep it moving. Her ‘Femaleness’ was never distracting.

The Verdict

Would I recommend the show? Absolutely! Just don’t expect to be tuning in to action packed ‘Avengers Lite’ every week. Think more like Arliss on HBO back in the day, but if ‘HE’ was a ‘SHE’ and turned into the Hulk sometimes. Meaning, the superhero stuff is PART of the show, not the WHOLE show.

It’s a little raunchy ( because it’s kinda for adults), yet it’s also kinda cheesy (embracing that this is a COMIC BOOK show), but almost always very funny. Even when the jokes don’t hit, they are corny enough to be funny. Kinda like a good ‘knock – knock’ joke. Not a knee slapper, but a chuckle with a smile.

It tries to stay as fun and enjoyable as possible. And I love it for it. If you binge watch the 8 episodes this week, you’ll be ready for the series finale Thursday the 13th of October. I expect to enjoy myself!….. #sheverdénice

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