This is either the straw that breaks the camel’s back, or the first amber in the burning down of America. Now why do I say this? (Now knowing that you have read the title and still asking this question you may not be too versed in politics at all, so I will indulge and educate)

Roe v. Wade effectively legalized abortion across the United States in 1973 by striking down a Texas law that only permitted abortion for the purpose of saving a woman’s life. The majority opinion at the time declared that a woman’s right to privacy under the 14th Amendment superseded a state’s right to ban abortion and the court set different rules for each trimester. In the years since, Roe has been modified but not overturned, like in the 1992 case of Planned Parenthood v. Casey. In that decision, the court said that restrictions are “unconstitutional” if they place an “undue burden” on a woman, and quickly became the new standard by which new abortion cases were judged. Now fresh off the presses according to an initial draft majority opinion leaked to POLITICO a public ruling is to be released and federal protection of abortion rights would come to an end, allowing each state to decide on the legality of abortion and procedures (at least 22 states already have laws on the books in the event the case is overturned). The high court is expected to announce its final decision within the next two months.. WTF?!

Ok so they just ended it, and its up to individual states now to make the rules for themselves about abortion. Now if you are pro-choice I don’t really have to tell you what that means and how that is going to effect the country. However, if you happen to be reading this and are against abortion in some form or fashion (don’t worry I’m not going to demonize you, I just want to talk {no echo’s here}), you might be surprised to know that THIS SUCKS FOR YOU TOO. Maybe even worse!!

Why? Well first if you live in a state that decides to curb the access to abortion you will have you favorite liberal left leaning organization parked in your state capitol and largest city being pleasantly annoying on a regular basis( read that as ” showing up one day and NEVER LEAVING!!) with marches,rallies,sit-ins and the occasional “oops some shit got broke” “Public Disturbance” for the foreseeable future.Oh yes, a whole new industry is about to sprout from this….

Which brings us too, THE MEDIA BLITZ! If your eyes rolled every time you heard any type of knock on toxic masculinity, or God forbid some “empowered female” saying something truly inspiring to some heavy horned inspirational music, you better sit down. The Rosa – colored wave of pro-abortion messaging in all of your media and virtual social outlets is going to have you losing about 50 lbs this summer because you are going to be outside and unplugged for at least that and most probably much more( your Xmas is screwed buster). I mean really think about it. What do you think is going to be this seasons topic for the WNBA? The NBA? LPGA? WTA? Womens World Cup? Your next Star Wars Trilogy? Stars Wars Presents :The Failed Abortion of Palpatine – A 6 episode Disney+ series about the failed attempt of Palpatine’s mother trying to get an abortion of her unborn fetus that she knows is stricken with dark side and will cause major destruction. However abortion is illegal in her quadrant and they have to transport her to one where it is permitted, but the evil Sith are trying to stop her abortion so they can bring on destruction. Oh yes, its coming — I will personally make sure of it!!–

Finally ,your daughters,and probrably nieces,cousins and more are going to blame you! If you’ve been waiting for your daughter to show some interest in more serious things and also maybe be a little more engaging with the family in the morning – MAN ,its fitna get TURNT!! – for everyday this goes on, and I mean EVERY DAY, she is going to be blasting you with stats,info and the latest commentary of the subject! Please don’t laugh or smile, or exude any type of glee around her because as soon as you do , you will be SMASHED with STATS,INFO AND THE LATEST COMMENTARY ON THE SUBJECT. Just like those sad animal cartoons that come on during late-night stoner TV. You yes, YOU, you “Pro Oppressor” have become the enemyEnjoy

Again,I’m not trying to change your mind on abortion( i doubt anyone could if you haven’t changed it by now) however I do believe that it behooves you to make sure that your state keeps its senses and doesn’t open this wasps nest upon itself.But alas it probably will subject itself to a self inflicted pestilence of unseen intensity and viciousness.Can’t say I didn’t try to help with a sincere warning…..

Now Unleash the Hounds!!! (Just kidding) But seriously this is either the straw that broke the camel’s back or the first ember of the blazing of Rome….Either way today the world changed….Again!!

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