When you hear “school play,” you instantly envision Elsie and Walker and Dayshawn Frankensteinly delivering half audible lines of boredom to a half-sleep and half-empty auditorium of (mostly?)semi-forced audience members. The audience members would honestly be anywhere else but here.(root canal anyone? to get outa here, Yes please 🤚!)

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However, when asked by a friend to see a play @ their school called ‘Fucking A,'( Yes ya’lll thats the title. And to make you and I {yes Us the very uncultured} look worse ,its actually a very famous off-Broadway Production that has had actors such as Mos Def and Don Cheadle play characters in the production) I must admit, I chuckled. But, I couldn’t help but be intrigued by the name. Therefore, I decided to attend the play and quench my thirst for my curiosity. As I watched the play, I began to understand that the story centered on Hester, an abortion provider. She worked as an abortion provider for the “Rich People”, as she called them. Her son was sent to prison by the First Lady, a very rich woman. This imprisonment of her son was a key focus of the play as it harbored an undying resentment within Hester toward the First Lady. This resentment followed these two 30 years after Hester’s son was imprisoned. There were other important developments occurring within the play as well. Throughout the play, certain themes emerged: sadness, oppression, revenge, and redemption. ( playwright Suzan-Lori Parks  refers to it  as a “revenge tragedy“). Set ‘back in the days’ with a ‘clockwork orange and Mad max meets The Color Purple’ type of aesthetic, the flavor is different but familiar.

Not to give too much away, but this play will move you to many different emotions. Sadness, anger, self-reflection, and contemplation will be your main course, with sides of laughter and joy thrown in for good measure. There will be some reading involved (21st Century – now we got close-captions for plays Boi!!) but it is necessary and enhances the experience. The play was written by Suzan-Lori Parks and directed by Dawn Akemi Saito with a great starring cast with amazing performances by Tyler Bey as the lovable ‘Butcher’,Lila Smith as Canary ( you WILL feel sorry for her), Jackson Lewis as Mayor (makes you hate him- great job), and a show carrying performance of Brittani Murphy as Hester, was enough to make the admission worth it… Now, don’t get me wrong, this play ain’t for everyone. I think it’s all about who’s performing this play, and the casting was dead on. Enjoyable music, funny jokes, and moving emotional parts. Sounds like I found you some culture this weekend! Go see ‘Fucking A’ March 3-5 8pm @ Fordham University Theater. 113 West 60th Street
New York, NY 10023

March 3-5 8pm

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