Da Newz went to a ceremony to honor some activist…So we asked them some questions…. Hernán Carvente-Martinez – Healing Ninjas LaTonya Myers – Above All Odds Poets: Black Thought,Regan Aliyah The Reebok Human Rights Award was established in 1988 and honors men and women under the age of thirty who have made significant contributions to the cause of human rights, often at tremendous personal risk and always against great odds!! ASU President, Dr. Quinton T. Ross Jr, “Race continues to dominate our nation,” said Ross. “We must do more and fight harder if we are to persevere. These are the heroes (the event’s award winners) who went above and beyond to further our civil rights…working together, we can combat racism.” Ross ended his opening remarks by saying: “As a community, we can move mountains together.”

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