I was getting a bite to eat at Parque de las Palapas, a brightly colored ,wholesome, family friendly park in Centro Cancun,Mexico. This is where you take the wife and kids to enjoy the local family vibe. Food, kids amusements, with artisans and artists alike. Palapas is where the families of Cancun come to commune.

Just across the street in a more intimate space called Parque del Artesano, we stumbled across a crowd gathering and a strong sent of gasoline. Moments later, in a burst of flames (literally) @Mac.tricks ignites the crowd in applause! 

Senor Flame

Didn’t your mother ever tell you not to play with fire(mine did)? Well Mauricio Becerra Torres – AKA –@mac.tricks -AKA- The FiREman – let these words go in one (ear) and out the other. Born in the central northern city of Leon Guanajuato Mexico, @mac.tricks is now wowing crowds in Cancun every Sunday in Parque del Artesano.

And if you have the money and are lucky enough , you may be able to catch one of his exclusive shows at a top rated resort hotel on the beach. Either way you will have to take the trip to Cancun Mexico to see this great spectacle of danger.

History Del Fuego

You may be surprised to know, but they have been dancing with fire in Mexico for centuries. The Aztecs performed a fire dance dedicated to Xiuhtecuhtli, the god of fire. While the dance contains a number of highly visual markers of its pre Hispanic roots, it is not strictly indigenous to the Aztecs of Mexico. Some aspect of fire performance can be found in a wide variety of cultural traditions and rituals from around the world. The dance, with its variations, is a multilayered phenomenon with both religious, cultural and political meanings, depending on the people involved.

Most in Mexico who participate in dances say that they do it for personal and/or spiritual reasons, Mauricio does it for the love and excitement@Mac.tricks also mixes different influences and disciplines in his exciting routine from parkour to break dancing.. And exciting it is. When you feel the heat and see the moves, you have no choice but to be awed.

Burn Baby, Quemar!

Cartwheels, somersaults, back flips and baton work all while wielding a raging flame 🔥 on a stick. The urge to get closer to the spectacle in order to better compute what I was seeing, was only stymied by the heat I felt every time the flame whirled pass me. This was an amazing site if I said so myself ( I do).

With great skills and dedication @mac.tricks has separated himself as one of the great sites to behold when you visit Quintana Roo. Which in itself says a lot, because of the dazzling and prodigious sites of the Maya Riviera.However no trip can be considered complete if you have not expeirnced a show by the FiREman@Mac.tricks

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