Akata Nation, we have been told that “y’all are some different type of special ignorance, Ain’t nobody never did no sh*t like y’all.” We’ve always just kind of excepted it with sad faces (muttered “it do be us too ” under our breath) and moved on. Unfortunately because we are in a situation in the US where we can’t look inwards and reflect with clarity and space too much (without a brick or a bomb or a CIA agent in the mist ) , since we have to deal with everything we’ve been dealing with since 1865, we don’t really have time to look around the world and see the similarities. Unless it is something extremely huge, like y’know “Oh, the Palestinians, the Palestinians are f*cked up and nobody f*ck with’em just like nobody helps us.” We understand that,very easy to see and understand. But what about other times and people? Are there any similarities between Ados/Akata and the great Roman Empires of old, or even societies of today? Is there anyone in modern history who has similar traits of bad behavior? I bet you it’ll be a big surprise.They do a good job of keeping it on the low…..

I give you the MIDDLE EAST!!

They all new money, most people don’t know that. I mean NEW, NEEEEW money. New money? NEEEEEEEEW money.( Petroleum was discovered in Saudi Arabia in 1938 by SoCal as the largest source of petroleum in the world) Like, the king that died, right,  King Abdulaziz bin Abdul Rahman Al Saud

(whatever : we call him Ibn Saud), of Saudi Arabia. We see now princes that’s becoming kings, you know these young kings. But their fathers were born, the guys who just died, these guys fathers, were kings, born in tents. They were kings, but they were born in tents. You could see it in the 40s 50s and 60s. Niggas is in tents! Who? EVERYONE! They out there. They were like “I was a goat herder.”?( Eddie Murphy Voice) Then, they struck oil. Ok? That’s it. No work, no bootstrapping, no sacrifice. Just Dumb luck! (Not Hating,just stating)

largest mobile caravan in the world with many bedrooms and toilets and even a viewing deck on the top.

So for the whole 80s and 90s they was on some Migos sh*t. “We aint got a lot of old money….. but uh, uh…got a whole lot of new money though…” and that’s why, See, when they try to put black people down – like “Oh, black people, look at y’all, y’all doin this this that and the third..”– Look at the middle east! You wanna see some extravagant waste of money sh*t? When it comes to the Guinness book of world records , Look at this ignorant ass sh*t here. Look at these ignorant @ss niggas right here man. How much did he spend on that sh*t? So stupid. We think we put money to our ear and people are like “Ooooh! Look at these niggas, that’s ignorant aaahhhh!” These motherf***s spend millions of dollars on globe jeeps, that drive through the world. You know what I’m talking about? These niggas got a GLOBE JEEP. Look at this sh*t right here yo. Globe jeeps!!! These niggas got a GLOBE… JEEP….

Now check it out though THAT’S  a regular truck next to the truck he built. And then he got one even bigger.That’s a baby truck, and he’s got this HUGE one that can fit a helicopter on it. You know. New money type of sh*t. There it go! Inside the rainbow Sheikhs surreal car pyramid. Dafuq? What is that?!! What? What?? And then he got a PYRAMID, and then the CARS, he got MAD cars! The largest car situation. Like, those are all cars in there. That’s uh, that’s a garage for cars. The size of the pyramid of Giza or some crazy sh*t. That is some ignorant @ss shi*t. Now check it out though. I’m not even hating. I wouldn’t even have said anything, I would be like “Yo you could do that.” I would fight to the deaths for these niggas, all day, to allow them to do that though, (Firstly because I’m American so I’m always like fight for your rights) but the reason these guys ain’t sh*t is because everybody in the country ain’t got a million dollars in their bank account. And they didn’t earn a dime, it just came out the ground.

Emirates Sheik Khalifa Bin Nahyan’s Pyramid Garage

Ok the U.A.E. United Arab Emirates ,they only got 9.98 million people. So that means there shouldn’t be any poor people in the U.A.E. That also means there shouldn’t be any type of money related, or pay rate problems! Hold up, aint this the place where they be having all those slave trades n sh*t? , I know of a certain south Asian (Bangladesh) people that are getting bodied out there In the U.A.E. on a regular basis and nobody seems to be able to f*ck with them. But my mans driving around in earths. And got like uh, pyramid sized parking garages with mad Mercedes Benzes and every exotic car you can think of. He got ten of them, in every color. You understand what I’m sayin? On some ridiculousness. Why? Cus it’s new money. You know what I’m sayin? It’s new money!!

They had oil but we had the crack era.

Huh?! Correlate that my friend… Insane money out of nowhere to people who hadn’t earned it and was not of the ‘best backgrounds’. Same thing, except for one difference, you can get oil without destroying your people, but you can’t sell crack without destroying your people. True.

FALSE,both of us, destroyed our people.

“Whatchu mean? How did they use oil to destroy their people?”

Example: Bruh, ni&&as gotta move.

“But I have been here! My whole family’s been here,for generations!”

Listen, the CROWN said, move your bitch @ss!! N*gga, this is the crowns land. I know we aint been lit here. It was dirt! It was sand! But listen here, white man done created this awesome thing called an automobile and it runs on the shit we standing on and they gone pay everything and they mama for this, so you got to go. Sorry!

I understand brother?

They ‘relocated’ thousands from their homes .I say ‘relocated’ because many never showed up to the new locations.

But you know, about 5 generations from now it’ll be different. Or will it?.( I’m only 4 generations removed from slavery) The change hasn’t been lightning fast.

THAT’S why I got into history. I wanted to see if black people from America were really that f#cking bad. Were we really this unique P.O.S. people. Nah…. We jacked up like everybody else….No worse ,no better[maybe a little ;)] We new money!!

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