The Finger Painting Bob Ross of Cancun

If you are ever brave enough (and it really doesn’t take any bravery,just sense of direction) to venture away from the ‘7’ when visiting Cancun, Mexico you should without fail go by Parque de las Palapas. This is definitely a quietly kept super awesome secret, only locals and savvy tourist know of its wondrous amusements and extraordinary food. So act like you are one and “step outside”!

Senor Almeida is one of many artist and artisans in the park, but to be honest he is one of the most encapsulating. First splatting some paint on a glass square, then his hand whirls around. And just then in a glint of familiarity, a picture begins to formulate magically in front of your eyes. Besides the beauty of the art the amazing part is the fact that this Mexican ‘Van Gogh’, is creating this masterpiece with his hand. Yes this Kat is finger painting. Yes FINGER PAINTING!!This ain,t what you did in kindergarten, if you did Mensa probably called as well. This is breath taking ,next level scenery. With his FINGER!!

So delay not, my friends. Whenever you find yourself in Cancun( we should all at least once in your lifetime ), adventure yourself over to the Centro and watch a masterpiece be created at your fingertips by some special fingertips. The fingertips of Eduardo Almieda aka The Finger Painting Bob Ross of Cancun!!

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