Russia and Ukraine!! Russia and Ukraine!!

What is the US and the West going to do as Ukraine gets blown to bits on the nightly news daily?! Ukraine has asked for an expedited entry vote into NATO. Which would have it join NATO by the end of the year. The people are all for it as well . In a resent Reuters poll 83% of Ukrainians want NATO membership.

special NATO entry vote was announced

This Means War!! Maybe…

What is NATO membership for Ukraine mean for you and I? It means that if Russia messes with Ukraine they mess with us. This will put the US in the thick of the war. Vladimir Putin says Russia will do everything it can to bring the Ukraine war to an end “as soon as possible” , interesting that quote came suddenly after the special NATO entry vote was announced.

But it took over a year of death to finally get that call for a vote. Has the US become so inclusive and humanitarian that they insist on using any means of defense and retaliation other then violence? It surely isn’t that they are afraid of Russia. Right?! Or that maybe they are using the war as a way to artificially tamper down the stock market and inflation, or even as another reason to pass some law of “Freedom” that actually represses and tries to limit it?

I don’t know, maybe yes maybe no, I wouldn’t know the answer to any of those questions. EXCEPT one… The first query. America has not gone soft on violence. Or at least not violence against Non White people.

Fit the description

Senior Officials Among Nine Dead In Somalia Car Bombings - I24NEWS
Al Shabab militants in Somalia

The United States conducted drone strikes against Al Shabab militants in Somalia in August and the first week of October. Al Shabab is an Al Qaeda affiliate in East Africa mainly Somalia. Abdullahi Yare was a top al-Shabaab leader, who had a $3.0-million US bounty on his head.He was targeted and killed. Al Shabaab is seeking to topple the government and establish its own rule in Somalia based on its own strict interpretation of Islamic sharia law (blah blah blah – aren’t they always? Can somebody come up with something new and unique). This was the third airstrike since Jan. 20 when Biden took office.

Hold on!!! Russia invades a WHOLE country and we do nothing?! But some Black guys blow up a couple buildings (not to downplay destruction of any kind) and Biden calls in the freaking Air Forces, Marines and Green Beret. No Kai you say, ” It’s because they’re Terrorist. Since 9/11 we don’t play with Terrorist. You terrorize you die!”

It hit different

Today, the world must see what the Russian army left behind. More than four hundred graves are in the forest near Izyum. We still don’t know exactly how many bodies are there. Russia has already become the biggest source of terrorism in the world, and no other terrorist power leaves behind so many deaths. This must be recognized legally. The world must act. Russia must be recognized as a state sponsor of terrorism.

Ukraine President Volodymyr Zelenskyy – Telegram
Ukraine condemns Russia's 'humiliating death' tweet after prison attack -  BBC News
Ukrainians calling for Russia to be recognized as a ‘Sponsor of Terror’

Now I’m not making any accusations, and definitely not saying we shouldn’t strike Al Shabaab ( The group’s campaign of bombings and gun attacks has targeted hotels, bars and schools in Somalia and other African countries. Killing thousands since 06′ ) because we should because these guys suck. Killing is wack, killing civilians is even wacker and rape is the wackest thing in the world. I believe that Al Qaeda and all it’s affiliates are a bunch of F#%k N!&&@$.

 However, I am saying that America ain’t killed some white people in a while. Not since 1995 Serbia, and they were Muslim as well. ( Hmmm is there a connection? ) –  and what’s good for the goose is good for Russia, aka “the biggest source of terrorism in the world”. I thought we was tough on terrorism. I guess maybe only on non-white or Muslim terrorism ( Definitely on non-white Muslim terrorism). Maybe Joe Biden feels there’s “good people on both sides “, we’ll see come this NATO vote.

Something must be done about Russia and soon. I don’t want more violence – ‘terroristic’ or legal. I just want peace harmony and $1.25 gallon gas……. #supportfreedom

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