It’s the end of the world ya’ll!! First Covid 19 now this, MUTANT MOSQUITOES!! Florida has approved the release of 1 Billion GMO mosquitoes into the wild. Huh?! Why?

Dengue outbreaks…… WTF is Dengue? Dengue is a virus common in more than 100 countries around the world. Forty percent of the world’s population, about 3 billion people, live in areas with a risk of dengue (Damn!) The most common symptom of dengue is fever,nausea, vomiting , rash,aches and pains (eye pain, typically behind the eyes, muscle, joint, or bone pain). Pretty much is painful and sucks and you could die. And the rapid spread of the Zika Virus got people scrambling (remember Zika? babies born with abnormally small heads to mothers. Covid threw all that to the back) These viruses ususally stay in Puerto Rico, the Caribbean, Latin America and Southeast Asia, but have been inching north to south Florida: Key Largo had a small outbreak in 2019 and 2020, while Key West had outbreaks in 2009 and 2010.’Ish’ is getting real family!!… Dengue viruses are spread to people through the bite of an infected mosquito.

So bring on the Frankenstein mosquitoes!!This is just the first stage of the project. Oxitec has obtained an Experimental Use Permit from the Environmental Protection Agency, to release 1 billion of these genetically modified mosquitoes across 6,600 acres in Florida and Texas over the next two years. The plan is to create male GMO mosquitoes to mate with wild females. The males inject the females with a protein that makes the female eggs they lay grow into infertile females. Then only the males survive(male mosquitoes don’t bite,they only eat nectar,so they don’t spread disease) – the aim is to reduce the population of Aedes aegypti mosquitoes in the area and thereby reduce the spread of disease to humans.Sounds easy enough.

However,a 2019 Yale University study also warned that the plan could backfire. Those scientists found that while most female offspring from the GMO bugs die off, between 3% and 4% of them generally survive into adulthood, and it’s not clear if they’re infertile. That means by mating with the disease-spreading mosquitoes, the Oxitec mosquitoes could create hybrid babies that could actually be more resistant to insecticides than wild mosquitoes and worsen the spread of disease(WTF!!)Maybe not so easy of a decicision……

What do you think?…. #KillDaEcho

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