Why is everyone going so hard to free a person who abuses women,hates the flag and capitalism?And they want us to give up the “Merchant of Death” aka “Sanctions Buster” aka Nicolas Cage in ‘Lord of War’ the movie based on this guy for her. A Bball player?

Now before you try to box me in to some ‘MGTOW’ I hate women and women sports crowd, I love women and follow women’s college bball much closer than I do men’s Bball or even college football (has nothing to do with being from Rutgers). I wouldn’t give up “ Viktor Bout” for ANY SPORTS FIGURE. Full stop. No need to really expound any further, however I will l.

Merchant of Death

I do not believe any sports figure, entertainer, even a private citizen is worth exchanging for “Viktor Bout”. Not one! (Myself included) This man has the capability to single handedly put Russia on a totally different level when it comes to weapons capability. If you don’t know, watch the movie.

Chu crazy man?!

Therefore I do not think many people in this country, in the world, could qualify as a reasonable exchange. And now when it comes to this person known as Brittney Griner. I not only would absolutely not quantify here as qualified as a fair trade. On the contrary, this person is what you would call an absolute non-starter.

I also find it very hard to believe her story. You forgot what you had packed in your international luggage, en route to a totalitarian dictatorship. You are either on the payroll for the Russian government or the most politically tone deaf international traveler of all time. Or a pothead who thought they could rely on their ‘Celebrity’ to pull them through the situation.

Then there is the issues of the Domestic Violence with her wife Glory Johnson. Such a beautiful couple… Wait ,my bad . Brittney Griner left her wife Glory after the former announced her pregnancy. 28 days after marrying Damn!! Thats cold.

Brittney Griner Arrested With Fiancée Glory Johnson - The New York Times

Brittney Griner?! The wife beater who hates America,Brittney Griner? You don’t like my countries theme song, but you want it’s help Brittney Griner? Nah we good, figure it out for yourself.

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