Is “Astral Projection” real?! Young Pharaoh seems to believe so,he even says he’s done it! Hear his real life experience of him leaving his physical form. WoW!! Da Akata Boyz ask,”is Young Pharaoh the REAL ‘Last Dragon’?”

Hotep Hustling By Charlie Costict:

“The Hotep hustlers as we call them have shown to collectively become a selfish egotistical bunch whose only power stems from pseudo-intellectual rhetoric. Their extreme beliefs and agenda backtrack the movement of Black people in our attempt to become conscious and united in our fight against inequality. Like a baby searching for a teet to suckle, Hoteps have searched throughout history and science only to bend its truths to benefit their narrative. It is said that Black men only truly wish to emulate White supremacy, adopting it to a different hue. To accomplish this, the Hotep/Shea Butter community preach their message to African Americans under the guise of being Pro-Black. They got the “Pro” part right.”

” For every YouTube video of them saying insightful things in debate, there are videos of many claiming fraudulent dealings concerning these hood gurus. It’s in my opinion that you take their messages with a grain of salt until you do your own research. Chew the meat and spit out the bone.”

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