Hip hop is a culture that is spreading around the world. Since its inception in the seventies the hip-hop culture has been an unstoppable force. Who knew that some kids in a park in the Bronx would change the whole world. There is no place on the planet that has not been affected by this phenomenon.

Mexicans Rap?

If I asked you to make a list of things that came to mind when you thought about Mexico, where on the list would hip-hop land? Even still, hip-hop rap battles? Mostly known for cartel music like Peso Pluma and mariachi bands, Mexico has a very vibrant hip-hop scene. With some very talented artist like Aleman & Robot95, Mexico has a very varied and vibrant hip-hop culture. So its only fitting that it would also have a healthy battle rap scene as well.

Doing it in the Park

Now, we find ourselves in paradise – Cancun, Mexico. The beautiful people, the beautiful beaches, and the amazing night life. And you would not expect to be walking into a heated rap battle. But that’s exactly what happened.

A group of people had gathered around to hear two artists go at each in verbal combat. Punch lines, insults, and clever verbiage were tossed around like tamales on the grill. All in a small park in the middle of paradise. Parque del Artesano to be exact.

Round 1- Fight

Being from New York I had seen my share of rap battles. However I was not prepared for this. They do with a little differently, which is expected since they do everything a little different here. With the usual rounds set up, however here each round has a theme. You have the usual a Capella presentation, where they toss rhymed insults and banter with no music.

But now we have rounds consisting of solo freestyles over instrumentals, as well as a back to back freestyle over an instrumental. This has truly been turned into a battle of skill and wit. I would not mind seeing these themed rounds implemented in the U.S. as well. All judge by the people, and sometimes actual official league judges.

For the Culture

The culture is the culture no matter the language. So don’t judge the scenery, judge the delivery,the bars, the word play, but not the deliverers.Mostly thought of as a beach resort town, the city is much more than the resorts. So don’t be scared ( Cancun is safer than NYC ) and venture off the ‘7’, and out to the Plazas and Parques of the real city. Venture out and feel the real vibe, and also check out some battles too. You won’t be disappointed…3, 2, 1, VAMO!!

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