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The Year of Return,  is an initiative of the government of Ghana  that is intended to encourage African diasporans to come back to Africa (specifically Ghana) to settle and invest in the continent. It was formally launched by President Nana Akufo-Addo[1] in September 2018 in Washington, D.C. as a program for Africans in the diaspora to unite with Africans. The year 2019 is symbolic as it commemorates 400 years since the first enslaved Africans touched down in Hampton, in the English colony of Virginia in America. Since its inception in August 2019, Ghana has seen a massive turnout in tourists. There have since been a continuous visit to the motherland by our fellow African family in the diaspora, especially USA.

Visit Ghana - Year of Return, Ghana 2019

Family Reunion

This recent wave of visits by African Americans/ADOS in the diaspora is greatly attributed to the ‘Year of Return’ campaign.Hopefully stirred by their appetite and desire to connect with their roots.Not to say that every African American/ADOS is from Ghana. But the traces of slavery which happened hundreds of years ago is still visible through ancient forts, castles and other historical landmarks scattered along the coast of Ghana.

Reminding you of what our ancestors had to navigate to survive. The spiritual and educational tour gives visitors firsthand experience on how African slaves were treated. From where and how they were captured, sold and kept in slave dungeons until slave ships arrived at the shores of Ghana to transport them to the Americas and neighboring islands.

The Assin Manso Ancestral Slave River Park  was the largest slave market where people were sold into slavery. The river which is known in Akan language as ‘Donkor Nsuo’ which means Slave River. It served as the Last bath and a place for slaves to recuperate after miles of walking barefooted and in shackles.

The year of return looks to help right these wrongs.This makes it a top of the list travel destination for African Americans/ADOS who seek to embark on this spiritual journey of knowing their African roots.

Official data from January to September 2019 show an extra 237,000 visitors to Ghana,marking a 45% increase from the same period in 2019. Visitors from the US and the UK in particular increased significantly.So some of our brothers and sisters are coming, but we have plenty of room for more Chale!American superstars such as Steve Harvey , Danny Glover, Vic Mensah, Chance the Rapper, Michael Jai White, Samuel L Jackson and T.I. to name a few have visited Ghana since the year of return initiative.

Elmina Castle (St. George’s Castle / Fort St. Jorge)

More than Slavery

Ghana is not all historical sites and activities.There are several exciting places to visit such as the black star square in Accra where the first president of Ghana Osagyefo Dr. Kwame Nkrumah declared independence from the British dictatorship. The Kakum national park in cape coast which is famous for its breathtaking canopy walk. It sits 130ft high on the Kakum forest reserve.

Ghana’s most visited attraction, the Kakum National Park

Ghana has many beautiful beaches also. Kokrobite Beach for example provides visitors with amazing atmosphere and temperature to relax and have a breath of fresh air. Every year on Labadi Beach is a New Years Party like no other. Yes Sisters & Brothers it is Summer Time when the balldrops!! Dancing,singing and parties all night long!As the saying goes, every time is summer time in Ghana. Big Facts Chale!There are so many places to visit, that is another article in itself [coming soon! 😉 ]

Lit 2022 New Year Street Cross Over Party Ghana Accra Osu || December in  Ghana - YouTube

Aside from the spiritual and recreational activities, the year of return has brought a massive opportunity for people in the diaspora to do businesses in Ghana.Most prefer to venture into agriculture by investing in cocoa which Ghana is the second largest producer in the world. Also other cash crops such as cashew and rubber. There is real estate and hospitality which is booming due to the regular visits of tourists.

The year of return provides people in the diaspora with so much info of ones roots and recreation. It is an initiative to provide a true home and a true family for all blacks in the diaspora. Ghana’s Year of Return campaign has sparked curiosity among ADOS/Caribbean travelers to visit ‘Black destinations’. [aka Where we are the dominant culture people and hue.]

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Coconut Pointe Villa & Beach Resort – Prampram, Prampram, Ghana

All Black Everything

For Rashad McCrorey, founder of Africa Cross Culture, a travel company that reconnects African Americans with their roots in the diaspora, says “It may sound like a cliché, but Ghana’s Year of Return and Beyond the Return campaigns sparked this recent surge in Africa travel.Ghana put their money and resources where its mouth was. Ghana is the first sub-Saharan African country to openly market, promote, and court black Americans .I call it ‘All Black Everything’ .When I speak of Africa in this sense, I am speaking of sub-Saharan Africa. In these sub-Saharan African countries, you see a sea of black people – meaning its black people as far as your eyes can see everywhere you go. Since America is a melting pot you will see all kinds of people even in traditionally black communities due to gentrification.

All Black Everything Experience in Ghana

But in Sub-Saharan Africa, it is “All Black Everything.” Black businesses in abundance, black people on all the billboards, black people all over the television, on every channel 24/7. All the news anchors on every station are black and interviewing people that look just like them. From the politicians, actors, athletes, entertainers, original programming with all black (African) names in the end credits, it’s all created, influenced, and owned by black people. You don’t get that anywhere else in the world.”

The people of Ghana are very accommodating. Peace is our hallmark and anyone that has been here will attest to the fact. I encourage you to add this experience to your wish list and you
won’t regret!

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