Flatbush Community members Victoria Stennett alongside Anthony Beckford, Co-Founder of BLM Brooklyn organized a peaceful protest in front of Emigrant Bank. In an attempt to inform people on the issues with the bank and their dealings with the local community.

“I just finished filing a complaint with BBB. We had over $4,500.00 deposited in an online banking account at Emigrant Direct, a division of Emigrant bank. We have not been able to add money to that account for a few years, however we thought our little nest egg was safe with this bank. In February 2019, I logged into our account and the balance was $0.00. I contacted Emigrant bank and the employee I spoke with said that since our account didn’t have activity for 3 years the $4,500.00 was sent to Comptroller of the State of Maryland’s office. We completed the paperwork required by the state comptroller and waited 3 months. We received a check for less than $200.00 from the state. We are devastated. Our nest egg is gone. Emigrant Bank robbed us.
1. Emigrant Bank has our email, phone number and our home address, plus the address to our previous home and never contacted us!Why didn’t they send us an email? It’s. An Online Bank!!” – M.K. Norris ,Emigrant Bank Customer

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