The Blue Wall refers to an “unwritten code of honor” among many police officers in which reporting another officer‘s errors, misconduct, or crimes is regarded as a betrayal.Police accused of wrongdoing can usually count on the “Blue Wall of Silence” protection from fellow officers that includes everything from shutting off body cameras to refusing to cooperate with investigators. Cops protecting cops is ingrained in the system. Many officers feel that only a brother or sister in blue knows the peril they face and has their backs. And that’s true to an extent,we’ll give you that.

However,too many police officers act as if being the face of the law makes them above the law. The Blue Wall of Silence “goes back to the beginning of policing. We’re supposed to support each other and understand each other,” said Lynda R. Williams, national president of The National Organization of Black Law Enforcement Executives. Breaching the Blue Wall can be especially perilous for Black officers. Williams pointed to Cariol Horne, a Black former police officer in Buffalo, N.Y., who in 2006 stopped a white colleague from choking out a handcuffed Black man. Her fellow officer struck her in the face, forcing other police at the scene to separate the two. Horne was then fired , just months before she was eligible for her pension.

That blue wall is one of many factors that further pushes the widening divide between the world as seen by law enforcement and the world experienced by the citizens whom officers are sworn to protect.Some new programs seek to address the blue wall head-on. Here is one proposed by BLM Greater NY. Do you agree or disagree?…….#KillDaEcho

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