The scream of engines revving and launching. Your fist grip the steering wheel due to concentration and adrenaline, as you whirl through hairpin turns at top speeds.The beautiful scenery barley visible, as it wisps by. The checkered flag is raised ,and you fly by it in victory! And what exotic local did this moment take place? Madrid, Chichen-Itza,Dubai? No, Kokrobite Beach, Ghana!

House Party Go Karts is an outdoor arcade, go kart track and restaurant all rolled up in one. Located in Kokrobite on Botianor Kokrobite Beach road, it’s a fun place to chill with family and friends. I have heard about this place for sometime, however I was never able to check it out. Fortunately this past Eid Mubarak Holiday I was able to, and I tell you guys I wasn’t disappointed!

Safety First

Start Your Engines,Chaley!

My guide Prince ,who has been working at House Party for years now (and is also a Marshall at House Party) walked me through the process. First my registration, then making my payments. The minimum ride is a solid 8 minutes unless you want more time and then they can adjust and charge accordingly. Then I proceeded to the Guide room. This is where the pros and cons every rider needs to know before they hit the road is told. It was very educative and informative. Teaching the etiquette of being a good driver on and off the track, and some road worthy information every driver needs to know regarding moving anything with wheels. Like no alcohol before you ride etc. The guide room video is about 5 minutes long with detailed information and on screen visuals. After watching, one is fully set to gear up for a good ride.

Full Disclosure: Prior to me going to House Party ,I had never driven anything other than a bicycle. So for some drivers the guide room video may be an old rehash, but it was a lifesaver for my inexperienced self Chaley!

Satisfied Customers

All Gas, No Brakes

After the guide room, Prince calmed my nerves. With my helmet and seat belt well strapped, many reading would be ready to race. However, before I was fully set for my ride, a little tutoring on how to operate a car (remember I’m a newbie) – Right foot is for acceleration and the Left is for breaking – Also one needs to take notes of the traffic lights,failure to do so you and your race can be cut short. No refunds for cut races, so make sure you follow the rules. I went for the 8 laps which is 8 minutes and tell you I never wanted it to stop, I was having the time of my Life. During the ride Prince was with me monitoring and giving me morale to do better whenever I had a crash. I must say this is one of the best places I have been to since moving into the Kokrobite area in 2014.

Kokobrite 500

House Party has a nice restaurant where patrons can order from their sumptuous menu. From burgers to world famous Ghana Jollof and a wide variety of fruit juices and beverages, all at affordable prices for friends and family. I would be lying to you if tell you I won’t visit here again. I was treated so well I must commend their customer service it was Top Notch!Another thing I appreciated is there was no gambling allowed, making it a safe Haven for children.You may not know but some game arcades in Accra allow gambling, which can create a difficult environment for children.

So guys anytime you want to have fun in a surreal African NASCAR venue where it’s safe and exciting, I highly recommend House Party Go Karts as a place to visit.You will have fun and create beautiful memories. Thanks to House Party G Karts for this great experience, catch me Ama Donkor on the next ride with Kpodnewz. Peace

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