The Baobab Restaurant and guest house is located in Cape Coast,
between the Iconic Cape Coast Castle and the busy streets of Atta Mills Avenue. The Baobab
house was set up in 2008 as a social enterprise to sell natural products made at the Baobab
School for Trades and Traditional Arts
to promote the vegetarian lifestyle.

If You Build It

At the Baobab School for Trades and Traditional Arts they promote healthy eating and living through the vegan/vegetarian restaurant and the sale of herbal medicines. They also have a guest house where visitors can experience life in the very heart of historic Cape Coast, the former capital of Ghana. In 2011 the restaurant and Guest house was added to generate funds for the Baobab Children
Foundation. The Head chef Madame Christine and friendly staff, Chef Isaac, Lydiah and Esther, are all former students of the school.

Red Red

Time to Eat!

Baobab Restaurant strictly serves Vegan/Vegetarian foods, snacks and juices. Every day they offer a vegan local dish as the Daily Special.There is a lot on the menu from tofu soup with quinoa to Beans and fried ripped plantain which we call (RED RED). Dishes with fresh tofu, soy and wheat chunks or oyster mushrooms are the specialty of the restaurant. I ordered the Red Red and I wasn’t left disappointed. It was amazing, really took me back home. Along with the appetizer salad , I was very satisfied and ate everything( except one plantain that fell on the ground- I cried a bit) All of their amazing snacks are made with whole wheat flour. They have Banana cake, Coconut cake, Dark chocolate Cake, vegetable pies, fresh tofu soy and wheat chunks. Their prices are affordable and the taste is Priceless! They also have freshly squeezed orange juice, mango, pineapple, moringa , ginger and Bisap juice which we locally call SOBOLO. I felt like maybe I could be a vegan.

Support not Charity

Baobab house has a Health shop where they sell Coconut oil, Pure honey, moringa powder,
Neem, baobab and citronella oils proudly made in Ghana. The side of the the baobab house
has a Batik shop and they sell Kente cloth, Batik, recycled sachet water bags and purses, bead
necklaces and clothing. Also the workers at the Baobab are all graduates of the Baobab school,
so the work force is channeled back into the institution to fortify it and to encourage others to
join the Baobab school.

Baobab has a foundation which was established in 2004 focusing on the needy, physically challenged individuals and under privileged kids in the cape coast area.
They help with free education, vocational skills, school stationary, food etc. It is very fulfilling
when you support an organization that is centered on helping Children, the Needy and the entire
community plus their Food and Products are Top notch. I encourage everyone to visit the
Baobab House whenever you are in Cape Coast and I assure, you will never regret, the
experience is amazing and the scenery is Breathtaking. Ama Donkor for KPODNEWZ, catch me
on the Next Trip!

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