George R. Carruthers

The image converter for detecting electromagnetic radiation was patented by George R. Carruthers making him the first Black to do so. Carruthers perfected a compact and very powerful ultraviolet camera/spectrograph for NASA to use when it launched Apollo 16 in 1972. He designed it so astronauts could use it on the lunar surface, making all adjustments inside their bulky space suits. Upon instructions from Carruthers, they used the camera to record the Earth’s outermost atmosphere, noting its variations, and also mapped portions of the far-ultraviolet sky recording stars and galaxies, and the gaseous media between them. In 1970, sending his instruments aboard Aerobee sounding rockets, he had demonstrated that molecular hydrogen exists in the interstellar medium. Among numerous citations and awards, in 2003, Carruthers was inducted into the National Inventor’s Hall of Fame. He received an honorary doctorate for Engineering from Michigan Technological University, and in 2013 the 2012 National Medal for Technology and Invention from President Barack Obama.

Dr. Patricia E. Bath

Dr. Patricia E. Bath of Los Angeles, a renowned ophthalmologist and Black woman, patented (1988) an apparatus that efficiently removes cataracts by using laser technology. Bath was the first person to serve as a resident in ophthalmology at NYU She was also the first African-American woman to serve on staff as a surgeon at the UCLA Medical Center. Bath was the first African-American woman doctor to receive a patent for medical purpose. A holder of five patents.While at UCLA Jules Stein Eye Institute, Bath established the  Keratoprosthesis Program to provide advanced surgical treatment for blind patients. The program continues today as the KPRO and thousands of patients have had their eyesight restored with this innovative technology. Based on her research and achievements with keratoprosthesis, Bath was chosen to lead the first national keratoprosthesis study in 1983. ( that’s wavy!!)

M.A. Cherry

In 1886, inventor M.A. Cherry patented the tricycle and also created the Car bumper. Brother invented alot of things, and helped America become an auto country……But N!&&@ can’t even get a Wikipedia page. SMH!

M.V.B. Brown

In 1969 Marie V. Brittan Brown designed a “Home Security
System with Television Surveillance” for the homeowner to view the visitor on a television screen and the visitor also able to view a screen. The homeowner could open the door via a manual lock mechanism.The effects of Brown’s home security system cannot be conditional, as her initial invention was the foundation of most home security systems that are around today. She was recognized in the New York Times and received an award from the National Scientists Committee for her work. As more home security systems came to the market, Brown’s initial invention became even more influential. Her invention was cited in at least 32 future patent applications.Unfortunately, after her successful patent application in 1969, the media coverage of her product ceased.
Patent No. 3,482,037 December 2, 1969

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